Facilitation Guild

The facilitation guild is a community of practice for facilitators. We believe that facilitation is a critical pillar of effective group development, processes, and outcomes. We have created the guild as a space for mutual learning, idea development, and professional community-building in support of that vision. Our members are based in companies, academia, and government agencies, so we each contribute to and draw from the guild in different ways.

  • What is facilitation?  Facilitation is a process where a person trained in facilitation guides a group by asking questions, developing processes, and engaging the group/team in thinking creatively to create, discover, and reveal new ideas. 
  • How can facilitation support your team? The goal of facilitation is to help a group/team solve a problem or make a decision.
  • Should I hire a facilitator or do it myself?  Hiring a facilitator allows you to engage in the creative process.  If you are leading, the team it’s hard to think creatively and be a neutral guide of the conversation.