Services and Rates

There are many considerations that go into pricing a facilitation event.  Here are some things we consider

  • The Guild offers a premium service that delivers measurable results. 
  • The Guild offers a customized quote for each client.  We believe “one-size” does not “fit all.” 
  • We will do a complimentary consultation and then provide you with a quote for your specific project.
  • Because all our services are customized, we anticipate it will take 3-6 hours of prep work for every facilitated hour.  All rates include prep time, which is subject to change depending on the project.  Prep time may include, but is not limited to: prep meetings, feedback, agenda iterations, dissemination of materials, development of customized activities, etc.
  • We love long-term clients and we negotiate different rates for long-term clients vs. one-time facilitation gigs