“The Art & Science of Making Meaningful Moments”

Subtle Strategies & Creative Conditions for Effective & Uplifting Facilitation

Presented by the Facilitation Guild and Intereach

Check out the videos below to learn the art and science of making meaningful moments through strategic and creative facilitation.  Learn subtle facilitative strategies and the creative conditions that enable us as facilitators and trainers to effectively bring people together and uplift them through the process. 

The Facilitation Guild includes higher education professionals, science researchers, and small business owners who together have years of interdisciplinary experience as facilitators. 

The Art & Science Behind Facilitation: Series Introduction
Facilitated by: Hannah Love & Courtney Ngai  

Creating Conditions for Playful & Mindful Facilitation
Facilitated by: Anne Heberger Marino & Sarah Stephens

20 Small but Game-Changing Strategies for
Equitable & Inclusive Facilitators
Facilitated by: Megan Jones & Sarah Stephens

Articulating the Value & Practice of Science Facilitation
Facilitated by: Amanda Cravens & Megan Jones

Creating Conditions for Compassionate & Resilient Community Work
Facilitated by: Alyssa Stephens & Courtney Ngai

The Art & Science of Changing Organizational Culture
Facilitated by: Ellen Fisher & Ellie Dickmann

The Art & Science of Adjourning
Facilitated by: Anne Heberger Marino, Hannah Love & Alyssa Stephens

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